A tech startup in the Lagos ‘Silicon Lagoon’ has helped contribute its quota to credible voter database in Nigeria.
It was established in 2009. A mere 2 years later rose to the challenge of helping solve a problem we had faced as a nation- the existence of a credible voter register.
With a growing adult population of an estimated 84 million, it seemed like the stage was been set to ask for help from foreign software development companies to come to the rescue. Capital flight was imminent.
This also implied the country would spend hard earned foreign exchange with no attendant positive influence on our economy.
Enter InitsNG with OpenVR (Open Voter Registration).
OpenVR is a free and completely open-source biometrics capture solution built on open standards. OpenVR ran on Ubuntu Linux.
It  was developed with technical advisory from IFES (International Foundation for Electoral Systems), and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).  OpenVR was used to register 73.5million adults over a 21-day period.
The 2011 elections went on to be adjudged as the most credible elections ever held in Nigeria. Thanks in part to the existence of a fairly credible voter register.